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How to Sell

In order to sell on GoFarmer, you will need to register with us as a seller. You can register here.

We will require that you provide us with basic contact details in order to verify that you are a real person.

Once you have registered, you will have access to your private administration area in which you can add, edit or delete your products. You will also be able to view and edit your contact details.

Adding a product:

When adding a product, you will need to decide under which category/subcategory you would like it to be featured. A list of categories and sub categories are displayed on the 'add new product' page.

If you decide that the item you are selling does not fit into any of the available categories, you may contact Rachel and she will consider your request for a new category or sub-category or point you in the direction of a suitable category already on the site.

You can add a short description for your product which will be used on the search results page. A longer description is used for the product detail page. You can also add a price description, delivery details and show whether the product is organic.

Each advert is automatically optimised for the search engines so it is important you include keywords in your title and description for your product. Your advert will then have a much better chance of being found directly by the search engines when someone searches for one of the keywords you have used.

Product Images:

When adding your product, you can supply two pictures to further showcase your product. The first picture will be a thumbnail which will be used in the search results page. The dimensions of this image should be 80 pixels in width and 100 pixels in height. If a larger picture is submitted for the thumbnail, it will be automatically resized but to ensure you are able to easily upload your pictures and that the site loads quickly, it is recommended the picture has these dimensions.

The second image is a larger image which will be used on the product detail page. This image should have a width and height of 224 pixels. Again, the image will be resized if not of the correct size but there is a limit of 100K on the size of picture you may upload to prevent the site becoming very slow.

There are helpful tips and an automatic picture resizer which you can download in the members area to ensure you can upload your pictures to go with your product. Help is also available through the forum.

We accept JPG and GIF image files.

Product time scale:

Products will be featured on GoFarmer for as long as you remain a paid subscriber. If you sell your product within this time, you can delete it using your administration section. It is important to keep your adverts regularly updated. This keeps them at the top of the search results page and also ensures that the Gofarmer database is not clogged up with out of date and sold items. You will receive an email every 3 months asking you to ensure your adverts are up to date.

So long as you choose to renew your annual membership, your products will remain listed. However, if you decide to cancel your subscription to GoFarmer, your products will be removed from the site when your membership expires.


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