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Before you can sell or contact advertisers on GoFarmer, you must register as a member.

You can either choose to register as a Seller for £24.99 a year and then you will be able to advertise as many products as you wish for sale (and you will also automatically be registered as a Buyer and so be able to see the full contact details of all other Sellers).

Or you can choose to register for FREE as a Buyer only. This will still enable you to access the members area and you will be able to view all contact details for the advertisers. However, you will NOT be able to list any items for sale.

How to register:

In order to buy or sell on GoFarmer, you must first become a registered GoFarmer Buyer or Seller. Here's what's involved:

Simply decide whether you wish to use Gofarmer as a platform to promote your business services or products, or whether you simply want to register as a Buyer and browse items for sale and contact Sellers. 

If you wish to register as a Seller then you will see a subscription button in the box below. Gofarmer uses Paypal's secure payment system to accept payment by credit card or from your paypal account and create a yearly subscription for £24.99. You may cancel this at any time. After clicking the 'subscribe' button below you will be taken to the Paypal website and can set up your subscription. You will then be re-directed back to the Gofarmer website and asked to complete the registration form. You will then be granted immediate access to the members area and can start uploading your adverts.

An email will be sent from PayPal to the email address you supplied to confirm your subscription. Please keep these emails safe as they act as a receipt of your transaction and you will need these in order to edit or cancel your Gofarmer subscription.

If you simply wish to browse products and services and contact advertisers then please click the 'Buyer Registration' link in the right hand box and you will be asked for some basic contact information. GoFarmer does this to verify that you are a real person so that others can be confident in dealing with you just as you can be confident in knowing that they are real people as well. Your information will be kept private and secure. 

If you are registering as a Buyer, you will be given immediate access to the site and full advert information just as soon as you complete the simple registration process. No credit card details are required. There are no costs to be a buyer.

Sellers are asked to input full details such as name, email, address, telephone, website etc as these details are displayed along with any adverts posted. We also ask you to let us know where you first heard of Gofarmer to help us target our advertising campaigns better. 

Buyers only need go through a simplified registration procedure and just provide an email address (used as ID for login) and country and area where you reside.

IMPORTANT: GoFarmer uses the Paypal Subscription service to annually renew your subscription. This means that your subscription fee is automatically debited from your card or paypal account every year. If you wish to cancel your subscription, just login to your PayPal account and cancel the agreement. Nothing could be simpler. But please note it is your responsibility to do this. Gofarmer accepts no responsibility for unwanted renewals and does not usually issue refunds for such. 

Please ensure that you have read the Privacy Agreement and User Agreement before joining. You will be bound by these terms and conditions on becoming a member so please make sure you read the agreements carefully and you understand your obligations as a member and the service we offer.


GoFarmer Seller

  As a GoFarmer seller, you are able to advertise your business, products and services on the GoFarmer website.

Your contact details will be shown to registered GoFarmer buyers
and you will have access to your own private administration system which will enable you to add, edit and delete your products and also edit your personal details.

Once you have registered as a GoFarmer Seller, you are not limited on the number of adverts you can place - you can add as many items as you want!

You will also be able to contact any advertiser you wish.

To join as a Seller please click the 'Subscribe' Button below. It is £24.99 a year.

GoFarmer Buyer


As a GoFarmer buyer you will be able to view the contact details of all the sellers who have products featured on GoFarmer.

You will also have access to an administration system in which you can edit your personal details. 

Once you have registered as a GoFarmer Buyer, you will immediately be able to view full advert details, however you will NOT be able to sell any items and should you wish to do so in the future you will need upgrade to a Seller. 

There is no cost to register as a Buyer and we only need your email address. 

Buyer Registration >>



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